The New Fangirl

As of June 2013 this blog has changed owner!

That’s right! And it’s about time, because I’ve been coveting this blog and its concept for sometime now. I’m probably the only one who would check on it from time to time to see if there were any updates… which there never were.

So sometime ago I had enough! There was no reason for me to start my own copycat blog when there was a perfectly good one out there in need of renovations. I gathered by courage and contacted the previous owner asking if I could take over this blog. The owner was really nice and the process went way smoother than I ever expected! As I write this, I still can’t believe that I am now the proud owner of Bisharem (a title which I always thought was spot on!)

Many thanks  to the original owner: I will continue your legacy! 😀

At the moment I’m reconstructing this blog, but the premise remains roughly the same: it’s still a very genre specific blog catering to fans of slice of life shoujo and josei manga and anime. And like the original fan girl put it this blog is a tribute more than “let’s talk about new releases” blog.

I’m The Fangirl, just a regular girl  that has fallen prey to the unrealistic ideal of the perfect bishonen. I was introduced to anime by German TV, even through I don’t know German [I just liked the pretty pictures]. Sailor Moon was my jam, but then in high school I got a summer job, and could afford to buy manga. I like to think that since then I’ve upgraded from noob to full on otaku… 😛


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